Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

60 MINUTES• $70

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gently type of massage that works to encourage the natural movement of lymph fluid. It has been said to be a systemic, rhythmic method of purposefully but gently stretching the skin to produce an increase in the volume of flow of the lymph fluid through the filtering system of the body. It can reduce edema and inflammation. Alaina is the therapist we have to perform this service. Ask or call us for more information!


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Post-Cosmetic Surgery Lymphatic Massage

Alaina is also experienced with post-cosmetic surgery lymphatic drainage. Post-surgical massage is a more aggressive style of lymphatic massage and also includes scar work to soften the skin and minimize the appearance of scars. Clients who are looking for post surgical massage are welcome to schedule. However, there are a few requirements:

  1. Drains need to have been removed. Alaina is not able to remove drains.

  2. Incisions need to be fully closed. Out of safety for the therapist and yourself, there should not be any open wounds. If some of the sutures have not dissolved yet but the incision is closed, that is fine.

  3. Clients need to be able to lay completely flat. We only have flat massage tables in our office.

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